Curricular Aspects of our college


  • To make the teacher acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitude in pedagogical methods.
  • To prepare teachers to become role models in class rooms to be an instruments for building productive human capital in our country to face the challenges of globalization.
  • To enhance the competency of the teachers at upper primary, secondary and higher secondary level of education.
  • To create a comprehensive understanding about pedagogical methods in organizing learning experiences for students.
  • To strengthen the skills of teachers in classroom and school management.
  • To develop new skills required for teachers in organizing instructional methods through novel multimedia approaches.

B.Ed. (Two-Year) Semester Pattern under CBCS-Programme Structure and Semester-wise Distribution of Courses

Semester - I
  • Educational Psychology
  • Contemporary India And Education
  • Teaching And Learning
  • Language Across The Curriculum
  • Pedagogical Subjects: Part - I
Semester - II
  • Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Environmental Education
  • School Management and Administration
  • Pedagogical Subjects: Part - II
Semester - III

School Internship Record Verification & Teaching
Learning Assessment - External Evaluation

  • PART -A - Assessment of Teaching Competency and Records
  • PART -B - EPC-Records
  • PART -C - Online Course
  • Gender, School and Society
  • Knowledge and Curriculum
  • Creating an Inclusive School
  • Yoga, Health and Physical Education
  • Elective Subject

II-year Syllabus (Non - Semester Pattern)

  • Knowledge and Curriculum
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Creating an Inclusive School
  • Environmental Education
  • Pedagogy of School Subjects (Content Mastery)