This Institution is run by E.S.S.M. Educational & Charitable Trust which is located in Villupuram, Villupuram District, Tamilnadu.

We are conducting D.T.Ed Programme as a Co-Education Institution.

Our Motto is We Seek, We Strive, We Succeeded.

No of Units /Intake Proposed: 100 Students New programme. Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore - Tamilnadu Government.

Run by
E.S.S.M. Educational & Charitable Trust,
24A/11, Trichy Trunk Road,
Villupuram - 605 602.
Phone : 04146 - 222474
Fax : 0416 - 259200


Thiru. Rtn. E. Swamikkannu, Chairman, E.S. Educational Charities Tmt. S. Shanthi Ammal, Vice-Chairman, E.S. Educational Charities
Thiru. S. Selvamani, B.E.,Correspondent, E.S. Teachers Training Institute & Chairman E.S.S.M. Educational & Charitable Trust
Tmt. Priya Selvamani, B.C.S., I.C.W.A.,Secretary,E.S.S.M. Educational & Charitable Trust.


The trust is a part of the E.S. Group of Institution, which has been for 21 years in the field of Education in Villupuram District. The E.S. Group also runs a polytechnic College of 1200 Students strength and is one among the five polytechnics that has NBA Accreditation. The group also runs a college for women in villupuram named "Theivanai Ammal College for Women" started in 1989. The College is also very successfully run having student strength of 1500 students and is NAAC accredited. E.S. Educational Higher Secondary School runs by the Trust from the year of 1998 with good performance in the district with a standing proof of the good quality of education offered. The school has set a high standard among matriculation schools in villupuram having student strength of 1736 students with in terms of quality and infrastructure in a very short span of eight years thereby catering to the middle class society. The E.S. Group has always been serving the people of villupuram town and around in imparting good quality education and has always won the good will and trust of the people in villupuram district since 1983.

Objectives of the Trust :

To serve the younger generation of this country by means of education in General or Industrial, Technical, Vocational, Professional, Management, Medicine either by way of residential courses or correspondence courses.

To provide free medical relief by actual payment of expenses for medical treatment of poor or deserving persons.

To strive for excellence in the field of teaching.

Education to all irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion.

Free education and free boarding for destitute.

To produce disciplined socially committed and responsible citizens with the spirit of nationalism.

To offer quality education and contribute to the over all development of students.

To establish Training Centres, Model Production Centres and Industrial Units to facilitate practical training to students of Polytechnics or Engineering Colleges and provide them adequate training and experience in Production, Financial, Personnel, Marketing and Industrial Management.

To empower students to cope with the challenges of contemporary life.

To enable students to grow into socially aware, independent, able and responsible individuals.

To equip the students with skills, attitudes and habits of learning that would help them in adapting to the continual changes in their professional setup.

Upliftment of socially and economically suppressed of this area.


(Nearrest Railway Station and Airport with Distance) RAILWAY STATION : VILLUPURAM Jn. -2.5Kms. AIRPORT : PONDICHERRY-43 Kms.

We Seek, We Strive, We Succeeded

Thiru. Rtn. E. Swamikkannu,Chairman, Tmt. S. Shanthi Ammal, Vice-Chairman, Thiru. S. Selvamani, B.E.,Correspondent, E.S. Teachers Training Institute & Chairman ,Tmt. Priya Selvamani, B.C.S., I.C.W.A.,Secretary, READ MORE.......

Address of Institution : Chennai Trunk Road, Ayyankoilpattu, Villupuram 605 602, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.